Vulnerability Assessments - Identifying Threat Points

Vulnerability Assessments - Identifying Threat Points

What is a Vulnerability Assessment? 

This type of assessment is used to identify vulnerabilities present within an IT system at a point in time. It allows us to assist clients with identifying and quantifying risks to their systems.  Regular Vulnerability Assessments can ensure that we can work with clients to stay ahead of vulnerabilities and apply appropriate focus on the security of its systems.

At P&C we can we identify, classify and prioritise weaknesses in terms of severity so that a client knows weak points and which vulnerabilities are the most likely to be targeted.

Vulnerability Assessments may include the testing of systems such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Servers
  •  Client Devices
  • Email Systems
  • VPN Systems


How are Vulnerability Assessments undertaken?

A consultant who has attained industry recognised qualifications, has experience of conducting assessments and has the skills to manually verify and determine results from industry tools will take of you.   Any issues considered to be of critical risk to a client’s systems, be that a single issue or multiple issues, will be conveyed immediately to ensure the security and integrity of systems is maintained.  A full report will be provided and this can be followed up with a conference call.


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