Network Protective Monitoring Service - Limiting Security Risks

Network Protective Monitoring Service - Limiting Security Risks

Let P&C's Network Protective Monitoring Service enhance your network security

Organisations are getting attacked on a daily basis because of weak network security and overall computer security enhancements. Network Protective Monitoring may not be able to 'prevent' attacks from happening. Protective monitoring is a way of monitoring what may take place on networks thus providing an improved way of detecting network anomalies and providing the best recommended actions to limit existing and future risk.

P&C’s approach is that we can start with event logging which takes information from key devices on the network infrastructure for example a firewall which has information passing regularly through it which creates logs and statistics.  We then use tools to interpret those logs and put them into reports that are meaningful that highlight vulnerabilities from which action can be taken.

However we understand that some organisations may want a fully managed so we can work hand in hand with your organisation to detect, engage and mitigate cyber threats and incidents, without you having to implement an additional internal capability.   Outsourcing within a SOC (Security Operation Centre) service means taking the strain from your IT department, without the need to build and maintain a security operation.

P&C's bespoke services include:

  • Round the clock network protective monitoring, alerting and remediation
  • Analytics and the world’s most advanced automated malware defence tool, Hawkeye G
  • Incident management and response
  • Security Information and Event Monitoring, a service which correlates event data against known threat feeds/customised threat intelligence and advanced malware remediation.
  • Expert Security Analysts, in the case of a fully configured and outsourced Managed Service model, to take the burden of cyber- security off your mind for good
  • Reporting on a weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, to offer your management team the insight they need regarding threat actors

Network Protective Monitoring Managed Service

Our Protective Monitoring Managed Service has been specifically designed to enable organisations to achieve good security practice and meet pre- defined security monitoring criteria, in line with the following standards:

  • HMG Good Practice Guide 13 (GPG 13)
  • Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) ISO 2700
  • SANS top 20 controls PSN CoCo
  • Good ISMS management


Alternatively, we can also help you implement technology and train your IT professionals and provide them with the skills to manage organisation security themselves.


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