Network Penetration Testing - Uncovering Vulnerabilities in your Systems

Network Penetration Testing - Uncovering Vulnerabilities in your Systems

Penetration Testing - eradicate threats and stay ahead

Penetration testing (pen testing), or ethical hacking, as it is commonly called, is a process which involves an attack on a computer system with the intention of finding and exploiting security weaknesses in order to gain access. As a component of a full security audit, a penetration test is designed to emulate hacking of an organisation’s network(s). Virtually any organisation of any size can become victim of a cyber-attack. 

Penetration testing is a point in time assessment and can help an organisation to determine system vulnerabilities, if deployed defences are sufficient and which of them (if any) have been defeated during the test.

The full Penetration Testing solution from P&C

P&C can simulate attacks against internal and external resources using a seven stage approach to identify system weaknesses.

  • Reconnaissance
  • Fingerprinting
  • Attack
  • Exploit
  • Pivot
  • Clean-up
  • Report
  • Testing can be taken from the following methodologies:
  • Backbox – no knowledge of the system assessed
  • Graybox – limited knowledge of the system being assessed
  • Whitebox – full knowledge of the system.


What type of testing do we provide at P&C?

Our expert consultants are able to conduct the following types of testing:

  • Web & Infrastructure Penetration Testing
  • Application Security
  • Database Security Testing
  • Social Engineering
  • VPN / Remote Access Security Testing
  • Wireless Security Testing
  • VOIP Security Testing
  • Mobile Application Security Testing
  • Source code Review 


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