Fully protect your business cyber assets in one easy package

Cyber Services Bundle

Protect your business with a tailored package of cyber support

Protecting your SME business has never been more of a priority than now. Cybercrime in all sectors of business is on the increase. Consequently, it’s important to know that your protection is more than adequate, you are following all of the latest protocols and recommended safeguards for your business. Find out how our Cyber Protection Package can help your business stay safe.

Our Cyber Services Bundle gives you real protection and real benefits that not only test your business's current resilience, but also keep you protected and supported over the long term. Now you can have the peace of mind that your business is protected to a high degree and that any vulnerabilities will be found and resolved quickly.

Why should your business invest in cyber security?

There was a time when only the top corporate businesses needed effective cyber security. Today the business landscape is very different and opportunistic cyber criminals are eyeing the SME sector as being very easy to penetrate. It is no longer simply a case of putting in anti-virus software and hoping for the best. Today's businesses must stay one step ahead of the criminals and develop robust strategies to remain protected.

Cyber Essentials - Government backed accreditation included with your package 






Cyber Essentials is a government backed programme to protect SME businesses from cyber threats. 33% of small businesses and 65% of large businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the past 12 months. Having Cyber Essentials certification will mean your business has good basic protections in place to avoid the many cyber threats out there.

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